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– Product Information

We accept orders for any quantity, but for certain items and products, we may have a minimum order requirement. Please contact us for details about a specific item or product.

Unfortunately, we do not have a price list available. However, if you would like more information on prices and services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Yes, we do.

The length of time it takes for you to receive your samples and prototypes depend entirely on
your requirements. With that being said however, we aim to produce a pre production
prototype within 2-4 weeks of order placement. We will discuss this with you throughout the
design process.

We help our clients bring just about any design aspect and embellishment desired to life.
Most common embellishment applications are screen prints, sublimation, embroidery. If you
have questions about other possible embellishment applications please contact us, The
experts will help every step of the way. Metal work (such as custom zipper pulls, Embossing
and buttons) requires a 1 time setup charge of around $150 per dye that can be reused for
any pieces. Certain embellishments (such as full fabric, Rexine, leather, Latex print patterns)
may increase the minimum quantities needed to produce your garment and other

– Payment Information

Everything we do is on a quote by quote basis. Without seeing designs, it's impossible for us
to get a client any real numbers. Prices vary based on quantity, fabrics, embellishments, and
many other factors. Clients are asked to send us mockups of what you'd like to make, as well
as estimated quantities and target price. After receiving this info we can start to work out the
numbers. The more details provided the better. Obviously, at the lowest minimums (100) the
prices are going to be much higher. There are price breaks for higher quantity orders. Please
let us know if you would like quotes for different quantities. Our pricing is 100% inclusive and
includes all setup fees. If you have experience importing internationally and would like to
arrange your own shipping method please let us know AHEAD OF TIME so we can provide
FOB pricing.

Once you make the decision to go into production. After the confirmation of prototype we
require a 70% deposit to get started, and the remaining 30% at the time of delivery for large
orders. For small quantities it will be 100% advance payment. We accept payment via bank
transfer upto $1000 transaction. For small payments transactions we accept Western Union.
Payment information can be found on the invoice or You can ask us separately.

– Delivery Details

A selection of fully tracked and insured courier services are available and selected to best suit
your shipping requirements. We mostly use DHL for shipping Samples although will discuss
with you the best solution for your order.

Before you even place an order you will be teamed up with one of our experts to help you
through the entire process from design to delivery. You can either shoot your representative
an email, or give us a call. We will be able to give you an update on your order status, and
estimated completion date.

Shipping to other Country not included in price. The client is responsible for customs fees,
brokers, or any related charges. The client is responsible for shipping unless other
arrangements are made. BHL Sports freight delivery usually takes around 4-5 weeks. There
may be instances when a delay arises due to customs or holding. Delays from customs are
very infrequent; however, we ask that the client be aware of the possibility in case that it
arises. Expedited shipping methods are available upon request contact us today for more

We have several house fits that many of our clients use. Otherwise, clients may send samples,
which we can recreate and add some minor adjustments (such as added length). A client may
also send full tech specs. However, we generally discourage our clients from doing this
unless they are highly experienced pattern makers.

BNWEARS Sports will send tech packs to the client for final review and approval before they are
finalized for production. At this time it is the client's responsibility to review and ask for any
changes to be made, or details to be added. Finalized and approved tech packs will be used
for production orders and BHL Sports is not responsible for any details overlooked during the
review process.

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